K-ARRAY Kobra-KK52 I

The Kobra-KK52 I is the half-meter model in the Kobra series. The passive speaker is comprised of eight closely-spaced 2″ cone woofers housed in a durable stainless steel frame that effectively reproduces quality sound naturally. Its selectable impedance feature (16 Ω / 64 Ω) offers easier use and integration with other speakers or amplifiers. With such a compact frame, the Kobra-KK52 I is perfect for discreet installations in restaurants, houses of worship and events.

The main product models and codes are:
KK52 I  black model
KK52W I  white model
KK52X I customizable color and finish (box + grille)
new! KK52M I, KK52MW I, KK52MX I (only RAL colors) = MARINE TREATMENT (on request)

All Kora-K52 I components are designed by the K-array R&D department and are custom-made under the K-array quality control system in Italy.


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