K-ARRAY Anakonda-KAN200+

Lightweight and able to take any form, the Anakonda-KAN200+ is a truly revolutionary speaker. These loudspeakers are 2 meters long with 16 x 1″ drivers delivering up to 108 dB, rated at 300W@32Ω impedance. Integrated male and female Speakon NL4 connectors hide all connections inside the body of the speaker. And by using two amplifier channels with the dedicated K-ANLINK accessory, you can extend your Anakonda system to up to 16 units – 32 meters – which creates an elegant, seamless line of continuous sound. Its dedicated presets work on a wide frequency range and can be used as an audio system in combination with K-array subwoofers.

The main product models and codes are:
KAN200+  black model
KAN200W+  white model

All Anakonda-KAN200 components are designed by the K-array R&D department and are custom-made under the K-array quality control system in Italy.


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