HYDRA TYPHON QR represents a dramatic advance in the engineering, design and performance of the most ingeniously conceived product of its kind, the original HYDRA TYPHON. Designer Caelin Gabriel has added significant technology and performance advances to the already massive, patented technology within the original HYDRA TYPHON.

Shunyata Research’s HYDRA TRITON power distributor was originally conceived as a reference-caliber power distributor. As the project evolved, the Triton’s size and cost escalated beyond practical limits. The file-cabinet sized prototype was temporarily shelved while options were considered to reduce the unit’s massive size and weight. Designer Caelin Gabriel created a solution by dividing the original design into two separate units. The first chassis, dubbed Triton, served as the power distributor with eight outlets. The second chassis, dubbed Typhon, was identical in size and served as a dedicated pre-filter for the Triton. This design completed Gabriel’s original vision for the ultimate audio performance power distributor.

Since its release in 2011, the Hydra Triton and Typhon became the most critically and professionally endorsed product of its kind, receiving awards and accolades from recording professionals and the world’s top magazines. Pushing the boundaries of performance through design innovation and patented science has always separated Shunyata Research product designs from others in their category.

HYDRA TYPHON QR represents an advancement in technology and performance of the original Hydra Typhon.  Technologies derived from the HYDRA DENALI Series have transformed medical-imaging performance in the high-tech field of electrophysiology. Gabriel has applied these and the knowledge gained in his 25 years of research and development into the new Triton v3 and Typhon QR products. The Hydra Typhon QR includes the QR/BB technology pioneered in the Hydra Denali.  However, the Typhon NICs and QR/BBs are nine times the volume of those used in the Denali.

Subjective impressions of the Typhon’s performance include enhanced spatial and low-level detail information. Many reviewers report that it recovers obscured recorded information, unintelligible words, blurred instrumental passages or ambient information that may be buried in the noise floor. Although the Triton has been critically acknowledged for reproducing state-of-the-art scale and micro-dynamic contrasts in sound, the Typhon further solidifies instruments, voices and images as vivid three dimensional characters within the recording. Some report that it expands the depth of field, perceived volume of recorded space and spatial information to the extent that it perfectly recreates the venue in which the performance was recorded.


The HYDRA REFERENCE STACK is a modular two component system that represents our highest performing power distribution system.  It consists of the TRITON v3 and TYPHON QR.  The Triton provides power distribution for 8 components while the Typhon extends the noise reduction capabilities of the TRITON.  The Triton may be used as a standalone power distributor.  The Typhon is optional and may be added later to extend the capabilities of the power system.



The Typhon QR may also be used as a stand-alone unit to provide power to amplifiers.  No Triton is required for this application.  Simply plug the Typhon directly into the AC wall outlet.  Then use the Typhon Umbilical cable to connect to the amplifier. This application requires a custom termination of the Typhon Umbilical (either a C15 or C19 connector) to match the IEC inlet of the specific amplifier.


The HYDRA TYPHON QR is treated with Shunyata Research’s exclusive KPIP process.  This eliminates much of the drama involved in the burn-in process. The Typhon is constructed using massive wiring and heavy duty contacts throughout.  Allow a few days settling time of continuous operation for best performance.

Ideally the TYPHON QR should be placed on a proper shelf, amp stand or solid platform.  A heavy plank of hardwood or a granite slab also works well.

The TYPHON QR includes Shunyata Research’s SSF-50 isolation footer. It was designed specifically to reduce vibration from the underlying platform. You may wish to experiment with other more expensive products.

It is strongly recommended that you replace the wall outlet with a high quality commercial grade unit. The standard wall outlet is usually not ideal for high current applications. There are many audiophile grade outlets that are plated with a variety of metals including silver, gold, rhodium and others. These do not provide significant improvement over a quality commercial grade outlet.  The Hubbell model 5362 or Shunyata Research’s SR-Z1 derivative of it is recommended.

Using the TYPHON QR in conjunction with other power distributors, conditioners or regenerators is strongly discouraged. Connecting power conditioners in series usually gives unpredictable or poor results. Conditioners and regenerators can be highly reactive and may degrade the performance advantages built into the TYPHON QR.

Contact fluids, pastes and gels are NOT recommended for use with this unit. Many of these types of products leave a residue that can contaminate or damage the contact metals over a period of time. The products labeled as silver-bearing grease or silver impregnated silicon are particularly harmful. Some of these are difficult or impossible to remove. Damage caused by these products will void your warranty! Never attempt to clean the contacts inside the outlets. If you wish to clean the external contacts, use CAIG DeoxIT® and DeoxIT® GOLD.


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