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No Hum No Buzz No Heat
ìIíve been using the DENALI 6000 in a small set up ó Wilson Sasha with Dan DíAgostino integrated. All I can say is I want every one of my customers to have one. STUNNING!!!î

The Denali’s tower form factor is uniquely vertically oriented with a narrow front profile allowing it to be placed alongside an audio rack without taking up valuable shelf space. The close proximity to the audio equipment allows for shorter and tidier AC power cable routing.

The Hydra Denali features patented technologies and proprietary components that are simply not available in other products. QR/BB™ technology, a non current-limiting electromagnetic breaker and massive internal wiring allow it to power entire systems including high-powered amplifiers while its proprietary CCI™ medical-grade filters reduce noise by an astounding –60db at 1 MHz.

The elegantly carved aluminum base, outriggers and precision machined 50mm stainless steel feet provide a platform for maximum stability and vibration control.



An AC zone consists of two outlet sockets. Each zone has a dedicated CCI™ filter that reduces noise from the connected equipment. For best performance with fewer than four components, connect each component to a separate zone. If there are more than four components, group the components by function. For example: Connect digital type components like a DAC and transport to a single duplex and the analog components like a preamp and phono preamp to a different duplex. Always plug power amplifiers into the HC (high-current) zone.

The Denali is constructed using massive wiring and heavy duty contacts throughout. It was treated with Shunyata Research’s exclusive KPIP™ process. This significantly reduces the amount of time required for “burn-in”. Allow a few days settling time of continuous operation for best performance.

Ideally the Denali should be placed on a proper shelf, amp stand or solid platform. A heavy plank of hardwood or a granite slab also works well.

The Denali includes Shunyata Research’s SSF-50 isolation footer specifically designed to reduce vibration from the supporting platform. You may wish to experiment with other more expensive products.

It is strongly recommended that the wall outlet be replaced with a high-quality commercial grade unit. The standard wall outlet is usually not ideal for high-current applications. There are many audiophile grade outlets that are plated with a variety of metals including silver, gold, rhodium and others. These do not provide significant improvement over a quality commercial grade outlet.

Using Shunyata Research power conditioners in conjunction with other power distributors, conditioners or regenerators is strongly  discouraged. Connecting power conditioners in series usually gives unpredictable or poor results. Conditioners and regenerators can be highly reactive and may degrade the DTCD® and the CCI™ advantages built into the Denali. If extra outlets are needed, use the VENOM UK6 which was designed specifically to expand the outlet capacity of the Denali without performance compromises.

Contact fluids, pastes and gels are NOT recommended for use with this device. Many of these types of products leave a residue that can contaminate or damage the contact metals over a period of time. The products labeled as silver-bearing grease or silver impregnated silicon are particularly harmful. Some of these are difficult or impossible to remove. Damage caused by these products will void your warranty! Never attempt to clean the contacts inside the outlets. If you wish to clean the external contacts, use CAIG DeoxIT® and DeoxIT® GOLD.

DTCD® DESIGNED (Dynamic Transient Current Delivery)

The Denali was designed using the DTCD® measurement analyzer. DTCD® Analysis is a technique that measures instantaneous current through low impedance electrical conductors and contacts. Shunyata Research uses it to optimize the design, specification and construction of parts and materials to ensure maximum current delivery performance.


Traditional power conditioners are designed to block noise coming in from outside the home but do not address the noise that is generated by the electronic component’s themselves. In fact, most conditioners reflect noise back into other components connected to the power conditioner. CCI™ (Component-to-Component Interference) is one of the most significant but often overlooked aspects to power system performance. The CCI™ filter consists of a proprietary multi-stage filter that reduces RFI and power supply generated interference.


The NIC™ (Noise Isolation Chamber) is a patented technology that reduces high frequency power line noise. NICs™ use a non-reactive ferroelectric substance that actually absorbs high frequency noise. This allows HYDRA power distributors to reduce noise without any of the negatives associated with conventional power conditioner designs. QR/BB™ is a patented technology that improves system dynamics, especially when used with high powered amplifiers.
~ Patent US 8,658,892 ~


Common power conditioners use fuses or thermal breakers for over-current protection. Those devices cause voltage drops, increased contact impedance, thermal noise, excessive heat generation and current limiting effects when heavily loaded. The Denali uses a more advanced solution called a hydraulic electromagnetic breaker that can operate right up the to the maximum current level without the limitations of fuses or thermal breakers.


Shunyata Research has developed proprietary ArNi® conductors. They are created using the highest grade of certified copper available, OFE C10100 (Certified ASTM F68). ArNi® conductors are created in a “hollow tube” VTX™ geometry. Then, they are treated with the Kinetic Phase Inversion Process (KPIP™) for a period of 2 days.


The SSF-50 is standard equipment on the Denali 6000/T. Shunyata Research tested dozens of the commonly available rubber feet and determined that none of them were adequate for use with Shunyata Research products. After researching multiple forms of energy dissipation methods, the SSF-50 was developed which provides the performance characteristics of an expensive after market footer without the exorbitant cost.


The Denali chassis is constructed with heavy gauge steel and aluminum. Shunyata Research has developed vibration management strategies and vibration reduction panels that measurably reduce resonant vibration levels. All internal modules, filters and electronics are encapsulated in a vibration-absorbent compound.


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