Nordost – Leif Red Dawn Power cord (USB Cable)

The Red Dawn USB Cable is the first of Nordost’s USB options to offer USB C plug compatibility. This Cable uses silver-plated 99.9999%, OFC signal conductors, optimally designed for digital signal transfer. Each conductor is precision wound to correspond accurately with USBís unique, hybrid twisted pair/non twisted pair geometry. The new Red Dawn cable also utilizes Nordostís proprietary FEP Micro Mono-Filament technology, which allows it to transcend the speed and precision necessary for higher bandwidth and high speed, digital signal transmission. The conductors are then shielded with a dual layer of braid and foil shielding, in order to eliminate EMI and RFI and surpass USB 2.0 standards. The Red Dawn USB ensures that all the necessary information will be delivered with the efficiency and diligence needed to maintain the correct impedance to dramatically lift your hifi system to a new level of performance.

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