K-ARRAY Thunder-KSC12P

The KSC12P is a passive infra-subwoofer that features a high-excursion 12″ cone driver with a 4.5″ voice coil and neodymium magnet, housed in a compact bass-reflex enclosure that is acoustically optimized for high SPL performance in demanding conditions. It is designed for applications where low frequencies and sound effects require punchy impact and shaking bass, while maintaining a small footprint and extended low-end response.

This makes the KSC12P infra-subwoofer the perfect addition for cinema, theater, and home entertainment setups. Its high SPL and efficiency make it suitable for mounting behind a projection screen, and its elegant design makes it easy to integrate into powerful sound systems. When paired with K-array mid-high loudspeakers and Kommander series amplifiers, the KSC12P infra-subwoofer offers a new way to experience sound from movies and animations with perfect sound reproduction across the entire frequency range.

Available in black (KSC12) and customizable color (KSC12X) options, all THUNDER-KSC12P components are designed and custom-made by the K-array R&D department in Italy, ensuring the highest quality.


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