K-ARRAY Rumble-KU315

The Rumble-KU315 is the most powerful passive subwoofer in the Rumble series, with a nominal rated power of 2000 W at 4 Ω. Made from water-resistant polyurea-coated birch plywood, this ultra-thin subwoofer features a 1x 15″ neodymium transducer in a shallow and relatively slim box and is certified for marine applications.

Unlike other subwoofers, the KU315 doesn’t have reflex openings but instead features two more 15” passive radiators that ensure the transducer excursion is as linear as possible with minimum residual noise. This design, along with durable materials and an upgrade to the SpeakOn NL4 connector, makes the Rumble-KU315 resistant to tough weather conditionsand suitable for outdoor installations.

K-array’s Kommander amplifiers are the perfect choice for powering any Rumble subwoofer, capable of balancing all the settings needed to match any mid-high speaker in the K-array catalog. With dedicated presets, integrators can find complete solutions within the same range of products. The KU315’s extended frequency response, prodigious output and discrete form factor make it ideal for medium and large-format projects like clubs, lounges, theaters, cinemas, and auditoria.

Measuring 123 x 45 x 25 cm (48.4 x 17.7 x 9.8 in) and weighing 40 kg (88.18 lb), the KU315 is available in black or white and can be customized in any RAL colour to blend seamlessly into a variety of environments.

The main product models and codes are:

KU315 –  black model

KU315W –  white model

KU315X – customisable colour (box + grille)

All Rumble-KU315 components are designed by the K-array R&D department, custom manufactured to our exacting standards and subject to our rigorous quality control system in Italy.


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