K-ARRAY Rumble-KU26

K-array’s compact subwoofers have just been scaled down even more. Components from the K-array subwoofer line have been modified to create a smaller, yet extremely powerful, bass system comprised of one 6” Neodymium transducer and one 6” passive radiator, engineered for maximum linear excursion and minimum residual noise. With a frequency range of 45 Hz to 150 Hz, the Rumble-KU26 is the perfect companion for the K-array Lyzard, Vyper, Tornado and Anakonda speakers. This combination provides full range frequency response with prodigious output and a virtually invisible profile.

The KU26 boasts extended frequency response and is electronically protected. Its Neodymium transducer has a dual voice coil (16+16 Ω) for selectable impedance settings (8/32 Ω) allowing you to combine up to 8 units powered by just one amp channel at 4Ω. By recalling the dedicated presets, the K-ARRAY Kommander amplifiers are the best electronics to run any Rumble subwoofer, capable to balance perfectly all the settings you need to match with any mid-high speaker of the K-ARRAY’s catalog. This helps integrators to find their complete solutions in the same range of products.

KU26 is made entirely of steel, making it extremely resistant, even when deployed outside in tough weather conditions. This is ideal for water-front environments where ordinary bass speakers would corrode. It cannot be penetrated by foreign objects like dust, sand or water, which over time can damage an ordinary audio element. On request, the Marine version features even higher treatment against salt corrosion.

Featuring a very compact size of 35 x 18 x 11.8 cm (13.8 x 7.1 x 4.6 in)and a weight of only 5.9 Kg (13.0 lb), the subwoofer is available in black or white or can be customized in any RAL color as well as in premium finishes like brushed or polished steel, or with 24 K gold, rose gold, or antique gold plating, to adapt to the aesthetics for almost all applications. The KU26 has been designed to extend the low range in small to medium size rooms. Applications vary from hotels and churches to pubs and restaurants as well as stores and conferences.

The main product models and codes are:
KU26  black model
KU26W  white model
KU26X customizable color and finish (box + grille)
new! KU26M, KU26MW, KU26MX (only RAL colors) = MARINE TREATMENT (on request)

All Rumble-KU26 components are designed by the K-array R&D department and are custom-made under the K-array quality control system in Italy.


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