K-ARRAY Pinnacle-KR404 II

The Pinnacle-KR404 II is composed of:

2x Thunder-KS3 Iself-powered subwoofer
2x Thunder-KS3P I passive subwoofer
8x Python-KP102 Istainless steel line array element with 3.15” drivers
2x K-FLY3
4x K-FOOT3

The self-powered Thunder-KS3 I subwoofers with DSP are designed to be the core devices in the sound reinforcement system: the dedicated K-array Connect mobile app provides a user-friendly interface for the remote control, the DSP parameters and to boost the system performance.
K-framework3 is the managing and control software dedicated to professionals and operators looking for a powerful tool for designing and managing a large number of units over a wired LAN in demanding applications.


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