K-ARRAY Lyzard-KZ1

The Lyzard-KZ1 is an ultra-mini point source speaker in the smallest K-array’s mid-high speaker range. With a very small, ultra-resistant milled aluminum enclosure measuring 2.2 x 3.7 x 1.1 cm and a weight of only 21 g, and a single 0.5” long-excursion neodymium magnet transducer, the Lyzard-KZ1 maintains uncompromised audio performance with minimal residual noise, despite its discrete dimensions. This makes the Lyzard series the best solution for situations where audio technology must be kept hidden in the environment and decor.

With a horizontal and vertical coverage of 140° and a frequency response from 500 Hz up to 18kHz, the KZ1 has clear audio reproduction and excellent intelligibility, with a peak SPL of 86 dB, an impressive performance for such a tiny speaker.

To complete the frequency range of your audio systems, the Lyzards must be combined with one or more Truffle or Rumble subwoofers, driven by a Kommander amplifier.

All Lyzard loudspeakers can be customized with any RAL color painting or can come in different premium finishes that enhance their metallic nature.

The main product models and codes are:
KZ1 Black model
KZ1W White model
KZ1X Custom and Premium Finish Models


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