Total solution provider in Audio and Video business.

Corporate Overview

Deco 2000 Company Limited is a total solution provider in Audio and Video business. The company delivers end-to-end solution to customers starting from scratch to the ultimate enjoyable customized home theater system. The company has its distinctive competence that creates the differentiate value chain through customers. Providing not only products but also being superior specialized in design, consultancy and installation, raises Deco to be the number one in customized installation in audio and video industry. Deco has consistency delivered highest quality of services and best practice to fulfill ultimately customer satisfaction.

Company Background

Deco 2000 Company Limited was founded In 1994 initially to provIde service in the audiophile area. Deco’s initial stage was the dealer of some well-known audiophile equipments (i.e. Krell, Thiel. Martin Logan, etc.). As the market trend together with technological concerns, audio and visual market was the closely related. Deco has become the exclusive distributor of both audio and visual products. Our products and services have been successful because our proven world-class products together with our strategy is to deliver the best and total solution to fulfill the customized installation. Since the core competence in this business is due to technological concem that makes Deco differentiate among competitors. Deco emphasizes in research development, technology knowledge shanng and human development. Deco currently employs 70 staff of operation and administration, service and technical installation and support team research and development, interior design, and sales and marketing team.

Products and Services

Delivering the high quality level of service for both pre and post sales to fulfill customer satisfaction is our philosophy, Our success is based on our reputation of services and high loyalty of our existing customer base, Deco is the exclusive distributor of audio, visual products and automat on control system to enable and deliver to achieve the highest customer satisfaction as following: